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The objective of the Powersports Dealers Association of Colorado is to promote and protect the strategic, financial and sporting interests of persons and businesses engaged in the retail sale of franchised motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft and snowmobiles. At the State Capital, in the halls of the state bureaucracy and in the association boardroom, PDAC is working for you!
BOARD MEETING DATE: Wednesday, November 11th
at G-Force Powersports

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What has PDAC done for you lately?

                                                                  Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

                                                                     Wednesday June 03, 2015

  • At the 40th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Powersports Dealers Association of Colorado, the Board took the following actions:
  • Called to order
  • Approved minutes from March 4th meeting
  • Reviewed the organization's current financial statements & concerns, Members were tasked to follow up with non members and get payments from past due accounts. M.H. tasked to deal with the accounting firm.
  • Reviewed the new members report
  • Reviewed 2015 legislative - KEI, title/OHV, wilderness, MOST program, 
  • Reviewed 2016 possible legislative initiatives- Lane Splitting, Titles, MOST program
  • NCMDA/MIC update
  • AMA Report
  • CO state forest, OHV grants
  • Communication update
  • Steve to mail out PDAC summery to non-members
  • Voted to NOT support non-members
  • next meeting Aug. 19th
  • Adjournment

present at the meeting were M. Hendry, J White, D. Akiyama, B. Vickery, B. Flambures, S. Larson and Jerry Abboud.

                                                  ACTIONS IN THE PAST 18 MONTHS

 • Reviewed 750 pieces of proposed legislation in Colorado to protect dealer interests when negative legislation is identified
• Wrote and worked to pass the first legislation in CO that provides for Powersports’ titles with the Department of Revenue beginning July 1, 2014
• Worked to pass franchise legislation that requires manufacturers to obey all previous positive changes to franchise laws for dealers even if they are only amending an existing agreement.
• Continue to fight E15 exemption allowing states to pass legislation to allow E15 to be used
•Partnered with the Colorado OHV Coalition to fight land closures and protect the 4 million dollar a year OHV fund.
• Strongly influenced the killing of the bill to repeal the Colorado Motorcycle Operator Safety Training Program (MOST) that provides training for 9,000 new and returning riders per year
• PDAC Director was appointed to MOST Advisory Committee to over positive changes to the MOST Program
• Continue to work to raise the current GAP cap for dealers who sell the product
• Continue to respond to member dealer inquiries regarding franchise laws and OEM relations.

Why do you need the Powersport Dealer Association of Colorado?

Lobbying: This is an important effort for every organization serving the powersports industry. We live in an age when special interests and well-financed opponents of the powersports industry can and do threaten our livelihoods and our lifestyles with legislative and regulatory restrictions, intrusions or exclusions. It is not an exaggreation of the truth to say that with one swipe of a pen, our worlds can be turned upside down.

Regulatory Watchdog: All of the powersports dealers in the state, and all the suppliers, consultants and vendors that work with them, have a vital and on-going stake in how the state legislature, various government agencies and other interest groups affect the fortunes of our industry. The industry needs an effective watchdog organization to protect the interests of powersports retailers and, by extension, the multitude of related organizations that serve the dealers and/or reach their ultimate customers through the dealer's efforts.

Public Land Access: Upcoming issues/concerns that could certainly affect the overall strength of the industry and that will be addressed by PDAC are the potential return of PIP-no fault insurance legislation, a movement to title ATVs and snowmobiles, the reform of Colorado franchise laws, restrictions on the sale of ATVs to minors and the continued vigilance regarding OHV riding in the state.

Dealer Assistance: PDAC also hopes to facilitate solutions fo rmany of the most frustrating business problems we all face, including internal and external security, personnel and purchasing.

FACT: In total, recreational enthusiasts were responsible for $990 Million in direct expenditures related to motorized recreation in Colorado during the 2012/2013 season.
Total direct gross sales supported almost 5,500 direct jobs, $212 Million in labor income, $284 Million in gross regional product sales and $35 Million in federal, state & local taxes during the 2012/2013 season.
From: Economic Contribution of Off highway vehicle use in Colorado. August 2013. As submitted to: Trails Preservation Alliance By: The Louis Berger Group